Doz McCarthy

Photo - Doz Studio amp 1

Date and place of birth

7th September 1958 – Darwen

Top 5 Albums

Strangers in the Night – UFO
Empire – Queensryche
Van Halen – Van Halen
Love Drive – Scorpions
Boston – Boston

Top 5 Bands

Judas Priest
Led Zeppelin



Top 5 Songs

The Loner – Gary Moore
Rock Bottom – UFO
Out in the Fields – Gary Moore & Phil Lynott
Long Time – Boston
Into the Arena – MSG

Top 3 Favourite Musicians - Own Instrument

Mick Schenker
John Norum
Gary Moore

Top 3 Favourite Musicians - Other Instrument

Jeff Tate – Vocals
Stan Clarke – Bass
Rob Halford – Vocals

Best or most memorable gig(s) ever seen?

UFO (Leeds 1978)
Led Zeppelin (Knebworth)

Any band or artist you wished you could have seen, but didn't, couldn't - Why?:

Gary Moore because I won’t have the chance to anymore.

Best or most memorable gig ever played

Blackburn Mecca with Street Fighter

Favourite Album Cover(s)

Haven’t really got one

Favourite TV shows

Father Ted
Stargate SGI
An Idiot Abroad

Favourite Films

Bourne (film series)

Favourite Books

Anything by Stephen King

Why do you play the instrument you do?

Dunno really. It’s the only instrument that appeals to me.

Favourite Oxym Song(s)

Hot Rain

What are your hopes for the album

Pro sound and well produced.