Mike Wilson

Photo - Mike in Studio Studio all 1

Date and place of birth

17th April 1960 – Accrington

Top 5 Albums

Kimono My House – Sparks
Year of the Cat – Al Stewart
Rough Diamonds – Jack the Lad
Van Halen – Van Halen

Top 5 Bands

Be-Bop Deluxe
Max Webster


Drums, Cowbell

Top 5 Songs

Lost in Your Memory – Threshold
I’m a Loser – UFO
Blackest Eye – Porcupine Tree
Long Way Down – Enchant
Longing for Fire – Scorpions

Top 3 Favourite Musicians - Own Instrument

Gavin Harrison
Greg Bissonette / Neil Peart
And of course Dinky Diamond from Sparks

Top 3 Favourite Musicians - Other Instrument

Michael Schenker – Guitar
Bill Nelson – Guitar/Vocals
Charles O’Connor – Violin/Mandolin/Concertina

Best or most memorable gig(s) ever seen?

Mott the Hoople & Queen at King Georges Hall Blackburn
Black Sabbath & Van Halen at Preston Guild Hall
Threshold – Chester Live Rooms (most recent – therefore very memorable)

Best or most memorable gig ever played

Mine and Robs 40th birthday spectacular – Cast from the Past.
Peepers in Blackburn with Oxym. It was so good sweat was dripping of the walls.

Favourite Album Cover(s)

Fanx Ta Ra – Sad Cafe

Favourite TV shows

The Simpsons up to series 10
The Office / The Apprentice
Sherlock / Big Train

Favourite Films

Warriors / The Game
Excalibur / Glengarry Glenross

Favourite Books

Horslips – Tall Tales, The Official Biography
Manchester City Ruined My Life
The Musicians Union Members Handbook 2013

Favourite Food

Chicken Fajita

Why do you play the instrument you do?

Rob & Ross wanted a drummer & it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Favourite Oxym Song(s)

No One to Lean on
Witch hunt at Salem
Buy the Time
Silver Hour

What are your hopes for the album

Sell 1000 copies – get critical acclaim. There be a demand for us to do another.

Whats the question we should have asked you, but didn't?

What’s your favourite piece of music video footage?

And the answer is

Rush YYZ from the live in Rio concert. It sums up the passion and emotion of music