First Track Nearly Done

Mike and Andrea continued work on Four Minute Warning adding guitars and vocals into the mix to complete the track. It’s now just a case of listening to it on different sound systems to ascertain if more tweaks are needed.

Mixing Begins

Mike visited Studio 11 on the Tuesday the 12 Nov 13 to start mixing Four Minute Warning with Oxym engineer Andrea Quarin. We are using this song as a test to get a feel for the sound and vibe for the whole album. Once we are happy with the production, a track will be chosen […]

Recording Completed

Recording completed at the end of September – there might be some minor tweaks in terms of backing vocals etc, but the lads are proud to announce – it’s in the “can”. Now the fairly long process of editing, mixing and mastering. The band are happy for Mike to work, with ace sound engineer Andrea […]

Band meeting after recording

Band meeting 5th November to discuss lots of things including the finer details on the release of the album, what single they should release first and even the contemplation of playing live – at least one gig in March to promote the album, and possible more !!